Due to the development of digital technologies, telecommunication and broadcasting markets are experiencing rapid structural change. Originating from the fixed-mobile convergence in the first decade of the 21st century, they are now being integrated further with computing technologies. The smart phone seems to be the most important evidence. It also changes telecommunications service markets into a collaborative ecosystem of content developers, platform suppliers, network operators and device manufacturers.

This change seems to be further expanded to the green technologies. The introduction of electric vehicles(EV) prevents automobiles from polluting. In addition, EVs can be identified as “computers on wheels” rather than “cars fueled by electricity.” Autonomous vehicles armed with ICT technologies seem inevitable to converge with EV in the near future. These changes will continue to alter the future shapes of our daily lives, as well as the structure of the industries supporting them.

The KATP has performed a variety of academic activities of industry analysis, theory building, and policy development. The association has contributed to the processes of opening the domestic telecommunications market and promoting competition among players in the late 1990s and of developing convergence service markets extensively in the 2000s. We are now being faced with a new policy environment arising from the proliferation of smart phones, green IT policies, telecoms and media integration, IT convergence ecosystem, and globalization of the local markets.

The KATP is a research community of experts from academia and industry studying economy, business, administration, media, and technology related to telecom, media, IT and entertainment. Its members have contributed in numerous activities like performing research projects, exchanging research results, discussing policy ideas, and exploring future policy directions. Their expertise and passion will surely become stronger in order to solve much more challenging policy problems arising from the emerging market environments.

The KATP is an open communication space. It is open to anybody who is interested in solving the emerging policy challenges. I urge you to join the KATP and to collaborate with us to make the world a better place.

I am looking forward to your participation and support. Thank you.